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Mainstreaming sustainable finance across markets

Publié le jeudi 02 mai 2019

oreover, the panel, which included amongst others Dr Ma Jun, Chairman of China’s Green Finance Committee, discussed the challenges of implementing an integrated approach across public and private sectors to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable financial system, and explored the potential of further international cooperation in this context, such as for instance, the green financing of the Belt and Road Initiative, or capacity building in green and sustainable finance between developed and emerging markets.

As a founding member of the international network of sustainable financial centres, and thanks to initiatives such as the Luxembourg-EIB climate finance platform, the International Climate Finance Accelerator, the launch of a green bond channel between the Shanghai and Luxembourg stock exchanges, or the recent Catapult Africa programme for inclusive finance start-ups, the financial centre remains committed to cooperate across markets and regions to help bring green and sustainable finance from niche to mainstream.

Luxembourg will host UNEP’s European Regional Roundtable next year together with the Global Landscape Forum, from 28-30 November 2019.