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First edition of the Sustainable Finance Forum

Publié le jeudi 31 mai 2018

Policymakers and industry leaders from the European sustainable finance community gathered in Luxembourg on 30 May for the 1st edition of the Sustainable Finance Forum to discuss the key role of the financial industry in the transition towards a sustainable, low-carbon economy. With around 600 registered participants, the success of this first edition is indeed testimony to the growing importance of sustainable finance.

The Forum provided a platform to address key regulatory and market challenges, notably exploring the extent to which policy is needed to advance and mainstream sustainable finance.  It moreover addressed asset managers’ as well as asset owners’ role in driving the sustainable investment agenda, and how capital markets can contribute to channelling investments into green and sustainable projects.
Afternoon panels focused on sustainable products available on the market and investors’ demand, impact investments as well as the need for common standards and reporting for green and sustainable assets.
Two overarching themes were highlighted throughout the conference: the need for consent on clear definitions of green, sustainable and social (the so-called taxonomy), as well as access to relevant data and information for investors, and the future importance of aggregation, notably via securitisation, to increase the pool of sustainable assets.
The conference was opened by Pierre Gramegna, Luxembourg’s Minister of Finance. He stated: “Climate change is the most important challenge facing humanity, and the financial sector should be leveraged to help meet the Paris Climate targets and the Sustainable Development Goals. Building on its pioneering experience in the field of green finance and responsible investment, Luxembourg’s financial centre is today a European leader in the field of sustainable finance.”

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